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Medical marijuana industry aiming to establish testing standards



DAVIE, Fla. (CBS12) — Before pharmaceutical drugs hit the market, they go through rigorous testing.

The pills in your medicine cabinet right now had several hurdles to clear before you got them.

The medical marijuana industry is trying to establish similar standards, and a lab in South Florida is looking for anything in the pot that could make a patient sick.

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Shimadzu Promotional video for Analytical Cannabis Testing

image24 Shimadzu cannabis testing.

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A Look Inside


Florida's most advanced medical cannabis testing lab

Before medical cannabis can hit the shelves, it must be tested.

ABC 7 Story

NBC 6 Tests CBD Products



The NBC 6 Investigators found that after testing some CBD products, some had much less CBD than what was listed on the label.

(Published Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019) 

NBC story

CBD Products: Are you really taking what the label says?

NBC 2 story

 CBD products have little to no regulation, so how do you know what you're taking? The NBC2 Investigators found out what you can do if you're a CBD user. 

NBC 2 Story



EVIO Labs Becomes First Accredited Lab In Florida


By Rick Schettino

FEB 12, 2018

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What's in Your Weed? Touring Florida's Marijuana Testing Lab


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Medical cannabis testing lab to open in Gainesville

 By Daniel Smithson
Mar 5, 2018

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EVIO Labs: Providing Comprehensive Cannabis Testing in Florida

 Andrew Felix  02/01/2018 

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Medical marijuana dispensaries blocked from opening by moratoriums

  Nov. 3, 2017 

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EVIO Labs Expands To Florida

 Aaron G. Biros 

September 21, 2017

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