The Hemp INSTITUTE at evio labs

A curated HEMP ecoSystem for your business to sucSEED

 The HEMP Institute at EVIO Labs  Florida is a state of the art 6,000 square foot facility, powered by Shimadzu, dedicated to Hemp Testing and Research.  Our process controls meet ISO 17025, AOAC,  cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) requirements. Protect your investment and get accurate hemp testing through The HEMP Institute at EVIO Labs.  


Rapid Full Panel Testing

Receive Full Panel Results in  48 hours. Same Day Testing also available upon request. Equipped to test Potency, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, Microbial, Terpenes.

CBD Product Peer to Peer Efficacy Reviews

Seperate yourself from the pack. Discover the true efficacy of your products through a trusted peer to peer review overseen by renowned physician  David Casarett, MD.  Working alongside professor's from University of Florida, University of Miami and Columbia University.

Upcoming reviews: Anxiety,  Dermatology, Arthritis 

Supplier/Buyer Clearing House

Tired of buying raw materials and not getting what you paid for? Not sure if the COA provided has accurate/updated results? T.H.I. can help. We hold funds in escrow for the supplier. Then perform testing and provide testing results to the buyer. Making it simple to source from multiple suppliers while maintaining quality control on your raw materials.

Shelf Life and Stability

 Shelf life is defined as the time necessary for CBD to degrade to 90% of its original concentration. Hemp products will remain stable when stored under recommended storage conditions. Thus, an expiration date is the date beyond which it is predicted that the product may no longer retain fitness for use. 

HEMP Seed DNA Validation

 We provide the ability for you to genetically validate your seed/strain creation and work with our research team to find the ideal seeds that are rich in CBD, CBG or  specific Terpenes that best suit the patient community you serve. 

Consulting Services


-Quality Control

-Chemist Training

- ISO/GMP/AOAC Accreditation 

-Method Development


Product Efficacy

 Along with a chemical make up of the tested HEMP products, we aim to provide physicians, patients and research programs with product data (chemical profiles) that work best for specific ailments as a starting point for treatment. Data not currently available in the market space as CBD "cannabidiol" as been on the controlled substance list for decades.  

Human DNA & Hemp Chemical Profiles

MJ Buddy, a cannabis/cbd research and efficacy tool, has been selected to conduct these peer to peer product reviews at T.H.I. In collaboration with EndoCanna Health, these studies utilize Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, pronounced “SNIPS”, in DNA to detect biological similarities or differences among people. We use these SNPs to identify and correlate the most up-to-date research for your specific genotypes. 

About Us

The Vision

At T.H.I. we pride ourselves on being a resource to our customers while protecting consumer health and well-being. By creating an environment where products can be tested with state of the art instruments for safety and provide an infrastructure where these CBD companies can investigate the efficacy of their products will ultimately change the way consumers medicate with CBD. We want to end the trial and error for consumers and provide data that creates a better starting point for their treatment plan.  

To Our Customers

The HEMP Institute at EVIO Labs Florida focuses on Hemp Testing, Product Efficacy Trials w/ Patient DNA profiling and raw materials brokerage firm. TH.I. tests all types of HEMP derived CBD products from Raw Materials, Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, Transdermal patches and Pet products. The facility is equipment to perform Potency, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, Microbial and Terpenes analysis within 48 hours. Arguably the fastest lab in the country. CBD companies have expressed the desire for a quality testing facility that is equipped to conduct efficacy trials for the products they are selling to consumers.  

We are currently collaborating with professors from University of Florida, University of Miami, Colombia University and Duke University to further provide insight and support.